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Thursday, 3 September 2015

"If you have nothing nice to say , don't say nothing at all"


Parent's belief in their child 's ability is vital to his development . Research shows that children who belief ,"they can ",are more likely to succeed than children who doubt themselves and feel "they cannot."

He may not draw as well as his sister but when he thinks he can when parents believe he can , he always gives the best and brings out the hard work. If you remind him of his sister s superiority he will probably give up drawing altogether. This does not mean you have to praise at every given opportunity though he has not done well. Just let him know YOU BELIEVE. 

The simple rule is that if you cannot say anything GOOD , it's best not to say anything at all. As a general principle , always keep the scales of praise and criticism always weighing more towards praise.

As a parent, watching your child struggle at something can be difficult.  Seeing him or her fail can be devastating. Optimism allows you, as a parent, to find the positives in struggle and failure.  Your child will experience both many times, and you have the job of cultivating an atmosphere where positives can be found in negatives.  Setbacks can provide invaluable insight into the situation and the person.  If setbacks or failures are seen as disasters, your children will lose hope when these invariably occur. 
You want your children to know and understand how to positively make use of the setbacks and failures in their lives.  Your child might benefit if you read with them the autobiography of a famous person.  Choose someone in a field that interests your child.  Successful, accomplished people rarely, if ever, have a life of continual stair-step-progress.  Most have a life punctuated by spectacular failures, each of which taught them an important lesson they were able to use to eventually achieve success. 
You must be your child’s and your family’s cheerleader.  Often, you can more easily motivate those members of the family you are closer to and identify with.  You may have a harder time connecting with the withdrawn child, or the child who is opposite of your personality.  To be able to communicate a vision of a positive future, you must have established lines of communication with all family members.  If you do not, you will need to spend time establishing or restoring those communication lines, which are really the lifelines of your relationship. 

As children grow up they become more self aware . She knows , she unlikely to be the greatest dancer , she does not need you to spell it out to her every time she walks into the dance school.CONCENTRATE , instead in letting her know that she is your very own ,  unique , extraordinary girl and that you will always be the first person to appreciate her. 

Your love , trust and encouragement is all that a toddler needs.