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Saturday, 9 January 2016

PARENTING - Do You Oil Your Kid’s Hair ?

Every time you look at your kid you chide yourself for not oiling her hair enough like how it was done for you.Every time your mom meets your kids she is scolding you for not applying hair oil on them regularly and that is why their hair looks badEvery time your in laws visit you they claim that all your kid’s health issues are because you do not regularly give your kids an oil bath.

Today, many of us urban dwellers do not apply on our heads or our kids’ because it is now considered not so fashionable to have the oiled hair look. We also are now aware of a lot more hair oil options like almond oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, mustard oil besides coconut oil and we are not sure what we should be using. So here is a quick low down on hair oils and their uses:

Sesame oil: Highly recommended for hair and body. It is said to promote hair growth and protect the hair. It smells a little funky and therefore kids might resist it! Sidha medicine recommends using sesame oil twice a week on the hair and body to reduce body heat which regulates many other things in the body as well and keeps the body functioning at optimum levels.

Mustard oil: Mustard oil is again great for the hair. It contains Beta carotene- Vitamin A and linoleic acid which is great for the hair. It is especially great to be used for kids who are prone to phlegm and congestion. It loosens the mucus too when applied on the chest areas. It is a heat generating oil.

Olive Oil: This is great for extra course and dry hair. However since it is very greasy, you can apply it and soak it in for an hour and then shampoo it out. If your child has very frizzy hair, you can apply a couple of drops in your palm and use it to smoothen down the frizz. Jojoba oil is also great for extra dry or frizzy hair.
Coconut Oil: This of course the most popular hair oil since it is relatively light compared to the other oils. It is rich in lauric acid and actually penetrates your hair. It is a cooling oil and therefore you may want to avoid it if your child already has a cold and congestion. It has been known to promote hair growth and lessen hair .